Zeon Specialty Materials Inc.


ZEP resists enable next-generation product development.
Photoresists, developers, and wet etch chemicals are available for all patterning needs, including high resolution and high sensitivity targets.
Unlock the full potential of your technology with Zeon, the industry leader in electron beam lithography.


  • High resolution (sub-10-nm)
  • Excellent etch resistance – dry and wet etch
  • High sensitivity
  • Strong adhesion to most substrates
  • Thermal stability
  • High contrast
  • High aspect ratio
  • Processing stability
    • No post exposure bake
    • Shipping and storage at room temperature
    • Post coat delay
    • Post exposure delay


  • Bi-layer and tri-layer stacks for T-gate process
  • Lift off process for metal deposition
  • Mold for nanoimprint lithography
  • MEMS
  • Diffraction grating
  • Other nano-technology
2D photonic crystal filter for visible

2D photonic crystal filter for visible

Microdisk cavity

Microdisk cavity
Courtesy of University of Texas Arlington


Courtesy of Harvard University

Pt serpentine heater

Pt serpentine heater
Courtesy of UC Berkeley

EB Resist Product Lineup

Item Viscosity (cP) FT (nm) @ 2000 rpm Solvent Available Quantity
ZEP520A 11 500 Anisole 1 QT bottle/100 mL bottle
ZEP520A-7 7 300 Anisole 1 QT bottle/100 mL bottle
ZEP530A-6 6 225 Anisole 100 mL bottle

Developer and Ancillary Product Lineup

Item Feature Available Quantity
ZED-N50 High Sensitivity Gallon bottle
ZED-N60 High Resolution Gallon bottle
ZEP-A Thinner 1 QT bottle

Spin Curve

ZEP520A Series Spin Curve

ZEP 520 Series Spin Curve