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Electronic Materials

Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)

What is a Thermal Interface Material (TIM)?

TIM is a material used to fill the gap between parts that generate heat (i.e. IC chips) and parts that dissipate them (i.e. heat sinks) in order to let the heat transfer and dissipate efficiently.

Zeon’s TIM can be applied to both TIM 1 and 2 applications.

Zeon’s Base Grade VB200

VB200 is a sheet-based high thermal conductivity TIM developed using special elastomer.

Facile Shaping and Resizing

Cutting and resizing are made fast, simple, and precise by use of our limited rebound elastomer and easy handling design.

Basic Properties of VB200


  • Form the structure above (Copper Plate+TIM+Aluminum Plate) and conduct heat resistance and durability testing.
  • Evaluate the thermal resistance of the structure.

Thermal performance maintains even after heat cycle testing and long term high temperature exposure.

Robust handling

Mechanism for High Thermal Conductivity

  • The alignment of anisotropic carbon filler with excellent in-plane thermal conductivity is controlled.
  • This means heat from one side of the material can be efficiently conducted to the other through the fillers.
  • Additionally, the elastomer matrix is exceptionally stable and can facilitate thermal conduction without degradation.